Ideating Wellness Tools for Older Adults

Problem Context

The number of older adults is expected to grow rapidly over the next few decades, with projections expecting an increase of 80%+. There has been interest in creating wellness tools to help older adults maintain their wellness, whether it's for social, cognitive, spiritual or physical wellness. After our previous studies regarding older adult attitudes towards wellness tools, and testing the usability of a currently available tool, we decided to brainstorm and figure out different ideas for wellness tools.

Brainstorming New Ideas for Wellness Tools

Design Ideation & Brainstorming
I designed and led the brain­storm­ing ses­sion and ideation of ideas on how to improve the well­ness of older adults with tech­nol­ogy tools with the team.

Grouping together similar ideas

Affin­ity Mapping

I facil­i­tated affin­ity map­ping ses­sion with the team to aggre­gate ideas together from brain­storm­ing ses­sion group sim­i­lar ideas together. We then nar­rowed down ideas on the basis of which were the most com­pelling with regard to the wants and needs of older adults & mul­ti­func­tional well­ness tools, while avoid­ing the issues seen in usabil­ity testing.

Figuring out the story

Sce­nar­ios & Storyboards

I led the team in gen­er­ating sce­nar­ios and sto­ry­boards incor­po­rat­ing the most com­pelling ideas of our brainstorming and mapping session. After generation of many potential ones, we then pre­sen­ted and got feed­back from an older adult stake­holder group of our ideas.

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