Testing the Usability of a Wellness Tool with Older Adults

Problem Context

The number of older adults in the US is projected to grow by 80%+ over the next few decades. There has been a lot of interest in meeting this trend by building wellness tools and devices to meet their needs. However, many of these tools have issues that may make them difficult to use by older adults.

Performing a Usability Test with a Currently Available Tool

Generation of Study Design & Moderation of Usability Test

I gen­er­ated study design for usabil­ity test­ing of a com­mer­cially avail­able well­ness tool to ascer­tain issues older adults have in its use via a think-aloud pro­to­col. I also mod­er­ated acted as facil­i­ta­tor dur­ing usabil­ity test­ing sessions.

Figuring Out What the Problems Are

Analy­sis & Affin­ity Mapping

I per­formed instant data analy­sis with the team to brain­storm usabil­ity prob­lems observed dur­ing ses­sions, fol­lowed by rank­ing sever­ity. I then used affin­ity map­ping to aggre­gate sim­i­lar prob­lems into larger themes. We published our findings and lessons learned in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

More Selected Work

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